Rafael was born in Siberia, Russia.
Received education in Minsk, Belarus.
Currently, she reside in Jacksonville, NC, United States, 
where she passionately create dolls. 
Her professional dedication to dolls began in 2009.
In 2010, she embarked on her ambitious project, BiDoll,
which took four years to bring to fruition.

When Rafael was a child, she dreamed of a Barbie doll.
Her first Barbie appeared when she was 14. 
That's when Rafael realized that she received not just a doll, 
but emotions. Barbie was the starting point and inspiration
for her in the search for her own style in art.
"My dolls should evoke emotions," says Rafael. 
That's the main thing! 
I understood this in my childhood and I'm very afraid 
that this value can be lost, as modern
technologies are developing very quickly.



Art School N1, Minsk, Belarus

Glebov's Minsk State Art College, Specialization: Design

Belarus State Academy of Arts, Bachelor's degree: Design in Virtual Media

I have an academic art education, studying art for 13 years of my life. I graduated from Art School N1 in Minsk, followed by Glebov's Minsk State Art College, a renowned institution in Belarus, where I majored in Design. Subsequently, I pursued my studies at Belarus State Academy of Arts and obtained a Bachelor's degree in Design in Virtual Media. I consider myself fortunate to have had incredibly talented teachers who believed in me and shared their knowledge during my student years.
Although I am a doll artist, I view dolls as objects of design. My previous education laid a solid foundation and provided me with a stepping stone to learn the process of doll making, leveraging my artistic background.

Awards and prizes

Rafael is a member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild.

Her art has been acknowledged by multiple awards and prizes such as:

Hellen Bullard NIADA award of excellence (2018)
PDMAG The Best Doll Of The Show (2018)
Hellen Bullard NIADA award of excellence (2017)
PDMAG gold award The best BJD (2017)
IDTS The Best Doll Of The Show (2015)
IDTS The Best DJD (2015, 2016)
Industry choice award of excellence Dolls magazine (2016) and others

She also been published in many doll magazines and art books:

Haute Doll Magazine August 2016 (cover, article)
Haute Doll Magazine April 2016 (cover, article)
A For Artistic Winter 2017 (cover, article)
PDMAG Book 2017 (article)
International Doll Artist Magazine 2017 (article)
L'art de la BJD 2017 Book (article) and more.


porcelain Doll

 Porcelain dolls by Rafael Nuri are exquisite works of art that rightfully hold leading positions in the world of dolls. These unique dolls are regularly auctioned, with their price reaching an impressive $20,000. However, Rafael also offers the opportunity to custom-make porcelain dolls, with the starting cost of such an order being $7,000.
If you have any question please contact with us by email: bidolls@yahoo.com